Karen Berba

My First Hackathon - AthenaHacks 2019 - OMG WE WON 😲🏆

AthenaHacks? What’s that? 🤔

Karen under the AthenaHacks banner at USC

So what is a AthenaHacks? AthenaHacks is an all-female hackathon held at USC (Los Angeles, CA) aimed at narrowing the gender gap in tech.

Here’s their site description:

“Join us for a weekend dedicated to filling the gender gap, exploring technology, and building the next big thing! Our mission is to support and nurture women* in tech by hosting Southern California’s premiere all female* hackathon. Expect a weekend full of workshops, mentorship, tech talks, social activities, food, and more! No experience necessary, you just need passion.

*trans and non-binary inclusive”

First Ever Hackathon

This was my first hackathon ever, so I didn’t really know what to expect!

We formed our team through Slack a few days prior, but we didn’t know each other beforehand. One of us was from Oklahoma, another from the Bay, another from Long Beach, and another an international student attending USC. A lot of different places! Half of us were grad students!

AthenaHacks consisted of an opening ceremony with speakers, food (lunch, dinner, breakfast, and a whole lot of snacks — boba!!), workshops, industry sponsors’ boothing, and…..hours of planning and coding!

Check out our Project at Devpost


QueueT Team Assemble

Us being dorks after finishing up the project demonstration expo. :)

How we built it

We had two developers who focused on building out the swift portion of the app, one person with a data analytics and database background work on implementing firebase, and one person focused on planning out the UX/UI of the app.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We came together as a team and created and built a project, even though we didn’t know each other beforehand! And some of us learned new tools (e.g. firebase) and languages, as well as got out of our comfort zones.

What we learned

How difficult it is to build a mobile (seriously!), how complicated the planning portion is of creating a mobile app, but how important it is to create concept sketches/wireframes and prototypes beforehand to factor in best UX practices.

We won Best Use of Google Cloud Platform - Sponsored by MLH 🏆

Very unexpectedly, we actually won in a category! 😲😲😲

QueueT Team with Google Home Minis

Here’s us with our prizes (Google Home Minis)!